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    Alleviate Massage - Targeted Muscular Relief

            REVIVE           RESTORE           REJUVENATE

You can't get the most out of life if your body is not at its best.

Whether you have overdone it at the gym, on a run, in the garden, have spent too long at your computer or the office, or just have general aches & pains, Alleviate Massage can help.

Alleviate Massage, proudly presented to you by Ben Crosby, a fully qualified massage therapist and member of the FHT, offers Sports Massage and Holistic Massage, with something to suit everyone.

Sports Massage is not just for sporting people - It can be beneficial for everyone.

It helps to improve muscle function and mobility, and aids the repair and recovery of damaged soft tissue, thus reducing pain.


Ben offers a friendly and professional service, and treatments are tailored to suit client's specific requirements, from intense Deep Tissue Massage concentrating on specific problem areas, to relaxing all over Holistic Body Massage experiences. 

Ben specialises in Sports Massage, and can really help clients with an injury or muscular problems.


Massage is great for your health!

And has both physical and emotional benefits:

        * Stress Relief

        * Encourages Relaxation

        * Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion

        * Relaxes Muscles

        * Improves Circulation

        * Relieves Headaches and Migraines

        * Improves Muscles Recovery after Activity or Injury

        * Aids Repair of Damaged Soft Tissue and Reduces Pain

        * Improves Muscle Tone and Breaks Down or prevents adhesions 'Knots'

Contact Ben Crosby for bookings, more information and a friendly professional service

Telephone:  07546474034


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