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I've suffered from tense and awful knotted shoulders for a very long time, exasperated by my job which entails driving for long periods. I've always found massages helped alleviate my symptoms, but have struggled to find someone who can really provide the deep tissue massage I need. I've tried all sorts of massages, both expensive and ive done all the cheap online voucher sites, but have found nothing I've wanted to persist with. I don't consider myself very sporty and i did'nt think a sports massage was for me, however, after seeing a poster for Alleviate Massage, I thought i'd give it a go, and i'm very glad I did.

Ben has always been very welcoming, friendly and relaxed, and his workplace reflects this. Always professional and considerate, he really tailors the session to your particular needs. I think his charges are very reasonable and I vist twice a month. Ben's been my therapist since Oct 2014 and my shoulders and back have never been so good, and i now would'nt dream of having a massage anywhere else.

I would throughly recommend Ben to everyone, and regularly preach his talents to anyone i come into contact with who has ailments.

Do yourself a favour and book in for an appointment.

Marnie (York)

I suffered from a chronic lower back condition from playing lots of squash and after trying Acupuncture for a while, I wasn't getting the results I wanted. I felt I needed more targeted therapy and decided to give massage a (May15). I'm so pleased I went with Alleviate Massage. Having never had deep tissue massage, Ben was very considerate in the amount of pressure he applied in the first few sessions and built it up over time.

Ben's knowledge of how the body works is first rate and is always suggesting particular exercises and routines to aid the recovery. I've seen significant improvement since going to see Ben and I'm delighted with the progress. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Ben to friends and family. If you’re thinking about massage in the York area, Ben is the man to see!

James (York) 

Ben is a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, able to analyse complex problems and provide very effective treatments.

I use his skills to remedy both my acute and long term problems.

He keeps this old crock on the road and enjoying cycling & running.

Thank you Ben.

Phil (York)


Hi Ben,

I wanted to put in writing how much appreciate the work you have been doing to help correct and manage an issue with my back.

I spent years visiting a chiropractor every time my back played up (following a sprained vertebrae and mountain bike accident which hasn’t helped with the condition of my back). I can’t imagine how much I wasted in both time and money being told (by them) that I need to see them regularly to keep the problem I was having in check. As it turned out their advice was poor as the issue wasn’t even spine related but muscular. Why didn’t they advise me on this, instead they kept booking me in for more of their very expensive treatments!

After a consultation with yourself and only three treatments later you had not only explained the route course of the problem but also managed to resolve it. A regular visit to yourself helps keep it all in check now and the value for money service you offer is fantastic.

As you know (but I want whomever is reading this to also know) I have recommended several of my friends as well as my wife (a horse rider, posture and falling off require regular maintenance) to come and see you and all have given positive feedback and also said what a great value service it is that you are offering.

David Kirkham (York)

I have been visiting Ben for some weeks now as I suffer from acute back, neck and shoulder problems. I have found Ben to be considerate and knowledgeable when discussing my weekly issues, although it must be quite frustrating for him due to my lack of ability to rest, at his request, to aid my recovery.

I have found his treatment excellent in all respects and his effort in that treatment very consistent  whenever it is required. Ben seems very committed to his chosen profession and is keen to expand his knowledge further, I feel this is an excellent attribute to have as I have met many similar people who profess much but know little.

I would not hesitate in recommending Ben to my friends and family for treatment. I wish you well in the future

Nick (York)



I came to ben at alleviate massage as i was at the end of my tether with horrific migraines. I had, had so much medication and seen a chiropractor but to no avail. Ben came highly recommended by a family friend that had been to him, so i made an appointment. He was fantastic, really put me at ease and i felt instantly comfortable. The treatment room is a lovely calm escape. Ben was genuinely interested in how he could help and what i needed. My migraines are now controlled and i feel better than ever. Ben is knowledgeable and brilliant at what he does. I can’t recommend him enough!

Lianne (York)



We have been regular clients of Ben for some time now, and unreservedly recommend him to others. He is professional, dedicated and offers a fantastic treatment. This would benefit anyone with physical problems, or would just like an excellent massage that leaves you walking on air, feeling lighter & refreshed.

Elaine & Natalie (York)

I live in the States and have been a competitive runner for the last 40 years. Now 63, I run at a national class level with the 60+ crowd.  As part of staying fit, I get regular deep-tissue massage. Having done that for many years, I know good massage from mediocre or bad.  My wife (also a runner) and I spend time each year in the UK, and some of that time in York.

We had the good fortune of finding Ben Cosby this year, and both got excellent massages from him.  Ben has a nice touch, and a good sense of finding areas of tightness or tension.  We both would recommend him, and will certainly use him again next year when we are again in York. For any athlete--or anyone in general--having a good massage therapist is a real plus and we would encourage you to give it and Ben a try.

Kirk (USA)


I started coming to see Ben in October 2014 complaining of pain in my lower back. To say the problem is better is an understatement, I feel fantastic. Upon my first meeting with Ben I was made to feel at ease and confident in his ability. He listens to your problems and works closely with you to get a solution. It's great value for money and I will be coming back for as long as I am at university.

Samuel (York)

Before using Ben I had limited experience with massage and the benefits it can bring, I play rugby on a weekend and more than often come out with aches and pains to deal with throughout the week, sitting at a desk all day brings little relief.

I met Ben at a group we both attend and spoke to him at the time l was suffering with an extremely knotted shoulder that was causing me a great deal of shooting pain throughout the day. He suggested I came and see him and told me about his pricing structure, I had no idea that treatment could be so reasonably priced as family members that had had it elsewhere were all paying around £40-£50 per session. I figured the worst thing that could happen is I had a relaxing massage even if it didn’t help. That could not be further away from the reality. Ben gathered information on my problem then got to work on my shoulder, the work he did was incredible, he was able to work out all my knots and pains and whilst some of the deep tissue work can really test your metal I walked out feeling like a new man! 

I have been seeing ben at least one a month ever since with various issues and the affordability coupled with the work Ben does keeps me coming back. He is really easy to talk to and I feel more than at ease where some might make it less comfortable. In summary I would recommend Ben to anyone and everyone without hesitation!     

Robert (York)




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